Created in 2016 by Felix and Romain, passionate about architecture, engineering , woodworking, and skateboarding, the Atelier evolves in the world of design and creation.
Its approach is to create the perfect balance between form and function to meet all the demands, and to adapt to the environmental, technical and  financial constraints of each project.

We imagine and manufacture different layout processes, housing projects ,scenographic devices, set designs, displays, and bespoke pieces for professionals and individuals.
We prototype and design furniture, decorative objects and branding.
We design and develop structures and obstacles for perennial and exhibition skateboarding events.

Our design process is complete, direct and human, from the personalized custom study with modeling and 3D rendering to the complete fabrication and installation.
The manufacturing chain is the fruit of an alliance between the traditional artisanat and modern machinery to respond with accuracy and precision to requests.

Our approach is respectful of materials and the environment by minimizing waste, favoring courtyards and natural essences.